Creating a Publication that Fits Google’s Latest News Policies

Staying informed about policy changes and guidelines set by major platforms is vital for publishers. Google, as a dominant force in the digital landscape, frequently introduces updates that significantly impact publishers. In this blog post, we will discuss the most recent policy update from Google as of 2023, and highlight the key aspects that publishers should be aware of to maintain compliance and maximize their online presence.

As a publisher, if you are using the Google platform for monetization purposes, then you must abide by the policies to thrive in the publishing business. These policies are being updated from time to time. In case of non-compliance with the policy, Google may result in blocking ads from appearing against your content, and in fact, in severe cases, it can even lead to the suspension of your account.

When it comes to Google’s new policies, there are certain characteristics for creating a publication that fits Google’s latest news policies to qualify as newsworthy.

Let’s explore the key factors that determine whether your publication will make the cut:


Make sure to check the content subject before publishing. It should not by any means promote deceptive practices, or harassing content, hateful content, manipulated, medical, regulated goods, sexually explicit, terrorism, violence, vulgar language, or shocking content.

Too many promotional pieces can lead to the disclosure of sponsored ads. Try to avoid exceeding the sponsored ads above your main content.

To ensure the website content is authentic & comes from a trusted source, information about the dates, the authors, publication, publisher, company, network, and contact need to be mentioned with the content.

Make sure the content information is relevant without misleading the information.

Publishing Frequency:

To be considered a news publication, you need to publish content frequently. Consistency is key to demonstrating your commitment to delivering timely updates.

Team of Writers:

While not mandatory, having a team of writers enables you to publish more frequently and offer diverse opinions on various topics. It adds depth and breadth to your content, enhancing the overall quality of your publication.


News needs to be relevant to the present moment. Your content should focus on sharing up-to-date information and breaking news stories. This ensures that readers find value in your publication and are more likely to engage with your article’s satisfaction.

News XML Sitemap:

Having a news XML sitemap is crucial for Google to recognize your articles as news content. This specialized sitemap helps search engines identify and index your news articles accurately, increasing their visibility.

Multiple Sections:

To establish your publication as a reliable source, it’s important to have distinct sections on your website covering different topics. This segmentation helps readers navigate through your content and allows for a more organized user experience.

Google AMP-Pages:

While not obligatory, utilizing Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) can boost your chances of being recognized as a news source by Google. AMP pages are designed for fast loading on mobile devices, enhancing user experience and potentially improving your ranking.
Apart from meeting these specific characteristics, there are broader factors to consider when aiming to build a successful publication.

Readability and Accuracy:

To gain readers’ trust and rank highly in Google News, your content must be well-formatted, and free of grammatical errors, and typographical mistakes. Maintain a high standard of accuracy, ensuring your articles are well-researched and supported by reliable sources.

Trust and Branding:

While Google News is open to publishers of all sizes, establishing trust with readers is crucial. Focus on building your brand by utilizing modern and recognizable branding elements. Incorporate trust symbols such as cited sources, expert quotes, research details, and visible contact information to enhance credibility.

To ensure your content is recognized by Google News, you must also adhere to the technical requirements set by Google. These include:

  • A proper site structure with permanent section pages and HTML links.
  • Consistency in the language used throughout your content.
  • Unique URLs for each article to avoid confusion and facilitate indexing.
  • Compliance with RSS feed requirements, ensuring complete articles and avoiding duplicate images.


By following these guidelines and leveraging the technical aspects, you can increase the chances of your publication being indexed by Google News and reaching a wider audience.

Remember, while meeting these requirements is important, delivering high-quality and relevant news content remains the core foundation of any successful publication. Stay committed to journalistic integrity, engage your readers, and foster trust in your brand to thrive in the competitive world of online news.

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