Auxo Ads-A good SSP Platform for Publishers

Auxo Ads for Publishers
Auxo Ads- SSP for Publishers

Are you a website owner worried about missing out on a marketing chance in the Ad Tech Industry? Because of its volatility, this advertising sector may be difficult to predict. Navigating the ecosystem of the programmatic advertising landscape must be challenging for you as a publisher.

Anyone who is a new publisher in the advertising sector while looking at a website’s low success rates and revenue might give FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) about what went wrong.

A serious “know-how” issue is currently plaguing the advertising industry. No matter the topic—technology, networks, platforms, employees, markets, information, or access—the lack of sufficient knowledge, competence, and skill is glaringly clear. But a good SSP platform like Auxo Ads can help you in the Ad tech industry.

Defining Supply Side Platform (SSP) & its Importance to Publishers

SSP or supply-side is an advertising technology (ad-tech) platform used to bring together and operate the supply and distribution of ad inventories. SSPs facilitate digital media owners and publishers to sell ad space.

SSPs allow publishers the ability to instantly sell their ad inventory to demand-side platforms for advertisers or through ad exchanges (DSPs).

Publishers can sell their advertising impressions more easily by using publisher ad servers coupled with SSP technology. SSPs enable suppliers to establish the bidding range to maximize their revenue by linking publishers with numerous ad exchanges, demand-side platforms, and ad networks simultaneously. This enables publishers to sell impressions to a larger pool of potential customers. Auxo Ads which is a good SSP platform also enables publishers to sell impressions to a larger pool of potential customers.

Main Components of a good SSP Platform

The supply-side platform has the following salient characteristics.

  • Buying and selling through Ad Exchange

Through real-time bidding transactions, an ad exchange allows SSPs and DSPs to
communicate and facilitate the buying and selling of ads

  • Data Analytics reports

SSPs provide publishers the opportunity to optimize their campaigns by providing
them with detailed Analytics reports about the performance of the ad inventory.

  • Ads inventory management

An SSP gives publishers control over their inventory to manage the types of ads being

  • Data Integrations

Publishers can add even more comprehensive data with the help of SSPs and another ad
tech to reach the right audiences.

  • Technology Header bidding

With the aid of a technology called header bidding, publishers can raise yield by
simultaneously requesting bids from various demand sources. To maximize reach on
publishers’ inventory, APS, for instance, offers header bidding interfaces solely. This
enables APS to manage ad fills to regulate competitive separation and frequency
capping. You will be able to make numerous bid requests at once through our server-
to-server interface and have our bids manage increased demand in your ad-serving

How does a good SSP fit in the programmatic advertising ecosystem?

An SSP is a crucial component of the programmatic advertising ecosystem and a useful tool facilitating the buying and selling of online adverts.

  • Transactional bidding in real time

Programmatic advertising purchases are made using Real-Time Bidding (RTB).
Advertisers who use RTB have the option to take part in an auction whenever an
impression becomes available. Their advertisement appears on the publisher’s
website if their bid wins the auction. RTB not only helps marketers focus on the most
pertinent inventory, but it is also effective. Publishers and advertisers can sell and
buy advertising through RTBs with the help of an SSP

  • Supply path optimization

Based on factors including latency, unique demand, bid pricing, and the availability of
ad space, SSPs help publishers in choosing the most suitable demand sources to work

  • Frequency capping

Capping its frequency Advertisers could restrict the number of times an advert is seen
by using frequency capping.

Significant challenges for publishers are-

Challenges for Publishers in the advertising industry

Elaborating the major challenges and how SSP helps in coping with these challenges-

  • Shifting Demands– Most publishers are unaware of how to monetize their earnings by finding reputable advertisers or how to receive the best price for their inventory. They are served by a supply-side platform (SSP), which registers their inventories or ad space in many ad networks and automatically accepts the most profitable ad.
  • Changing Revenues– Financial models for small- and medium-sized publishers, which once worked reasonably well, are no longer relevant. The inconsistencies have dealt a fatal blow to the modern ad tech business. To address this issue, the publishers will need to streamline their accounting process, broaden their funding options, and conduct a comprehensive credit risk assessment. In this case, SSP might be utilized to address the problem of uneven revenue.
  • Giant Tech Disruptions– The advent of the digital age has opened up many new opportunities, particularly for the publishing industry. Online reading is becoming more and more popular. However, small and medium publishers have been unable to keep up with these Giant Tech disruptions. They have instead ended up as unintentional victims!

Tech Giants share content owned by publishers and directly or indirectly monetize the
resulting traffic whilst the publishers end up getting a small amount of share for their
contribution. It is an alarming situation for them to get hold of its data to get what they
deserve. Being a modern publisher, it is your call to solve these ongoing problems by
collaborating with the latest technologies to make a mark in online media smartly.

SMEs must change the way they produce, channel, and share content if they want to
thrive and adapt to the future. It will be necessary to make use of the opportunities that
come with digital infrastructure & SSP is a part of it in order to realign the entire
advertising industry to meet modern wants, demands, and requirements.

  • Limited Information– Publishers, whether they are established or start-ups, have little experience working with domestic or international markets that are not part of their sector. Investing in media firms for good SSP is the only dependable solution to this problem. Such publishers will only be able to survive by wallowing in the choppy waters of current digital advertising.
  • Data Anatomy– Data is required to make statistical inferences, and the appropriate data categories might lead to significant conclusions. If one aspires to get the right interpretation of the data gathered, it is essential to know the anatomy of the data.

Detailed information about the types of data might help you build the right conclusion.
Data inculcate different layers and it takes skill to master these layers of Data Anatomy.
A good SSP helps you to win this digital recognition as well as create wealth for your value
as a publisher by finding better ads for your ad space. Precise real-time reports by a good
SSP helps you make the best selections possible when it comes to making business decisions.

  • Higher Competition– Several multinational corporations have expanded into new markets as a result of globalization. Because of this, startups in the publishing industry must put up with numerous fierce rivalries. Despite the fact that it seems difficult to escape, it is actually not! All publishers only need to specialize in one modest modification in their business practices. Whether new or established would be able to meet consumer expectations and still compete if they developed specific niches in their magazines. Auxo Ads as SSP makes achieving this very simple.

The publishing industry must invest in superior SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) to address
these concerns. Their websites won’t be able to navigate the competitive waters of the
contemporary publishing industry without these.

Auxo Ads for Publishers’ Monetization & Data Analytics

Auxo Ads for publishers– Auxo Ads is a supply-side platform (SSP) for better ad bids accessible to publishers. It’s a unified hub to manage your entire monetization stack, Ad Operations, and User Data Analytics. Auxo Ads assists publishers in optimizing their ad inventory and increasing ad revenue through programmatic demand. It helps publishing partners analyze, predict, and monetize their ad space.

Publishers can better manage their inventories. They can connect an ad exchange for real-time bidding (RTB) with Auxo Ads in order to draw in reputable advertisers and raise revenue from their inventory.

Auxo Ads for Data Analytics– Data in a raw form might be a complex puzzle to solve and for that, you need to analyze and filter out only the useful information that is important for businesses. Auxo Ads will help you to choose effective business strategies, by offering precise real-time reports so that you as a publisher make the best selections possible when it comes to making business decisions. SSPs categorize the audience of the publisher and match those with similar advertiser’s audience keeping in mind the minimum price range allotted by the publisher before giving the information about its availability of ad space in a particular Ad format.

Auxoads platform for publisher monetization
Auxoads to manage Publisher’s entire monetization stack

To summarize

Supply Side Platform (SSP) Software Market size is projected to reach Multimillion USD by 2029, at an unexpected CAGR during 2022-2029 according to

Despite the presence of intense competition, due to the global recovery trend is clear, investors are still optimistic about this area, and it will still be more new investments entering the field in the future.

Digital Advertising is a trending advertising concept, which requires work from many different areas of the modern publishing environment to anticipate and understand user behavior, including Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Data Mining, analytics, Statistics, Economics, and even Psychology.

At Auxo Ads, we specialize in programmatic ad solutions for Publishers looking to take their ad game to the next level. 

Use SSP like Auxo Ads that will assist you in growing as a publisher in the ad tech world.

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