Crucial Announcement from the Google Ad Manager Team

In May, Google Ads announced plans to transition primarily to real-time bidding auctions by October 31, 2023, discontinuing responses to multiple calls in mediation. On September 7th, they shared additional details regarding this shift. The following summarizes the key updates:

1. Hybrid Setups Continuation:

  • Google Ads will persist in bidding on “hybrid setups” (where bidding and waterfall ad units coexist) temporarily post 10/31 to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Clarification: Google Ads will still respond to multiple calls within hybrid waterfalls on supported partner platforms, Ad Mob, and Ad Manager. The recommended setup involves integrating a bidding ad unit into the existing waterfall mediations.
  • Transition Plan: Google Ads aims to gradually phase out responses to waterfall requests in hybrids, anticipating completion by early 2024.

2. Multicall Waterfall Requests:

  • Google Ads will cease purchasing on multicall waterfall requests that lack bidding ad units from October 31 onwards.
  • Clarification: Expenditure on multicall requests in waterfalls without a bidding ad unit will be reduced, culminating in a halt by the specified date.

3. Single Waterfall Call Ad Unit:

  • Google Ads might continue bidding on requests originating from a single waterfall call ad unit.
  • Clarification: Google Ads may still participate in mediation waterfalls characterized by a single call to Google Ads demand.

Implications for Publishers

1. Pre-October 31 Considerations:

  • Publishers should contemplate adopting a real-time bidding solution to tap into Google Ads demand before the stipulated date.
  • Ad Exchange, integrated with Ad Manager yield groups, offers access to Google Ads, Display & Video 360, and third-party ad sources.

2. Actions for Bidding with Google Ads: If publishers are calling Google Ads in bidding, no specific actions are required. Note that third-party demand sources may exhibit distinct bidding behaviour.

3. Single Call from Waterfall Post 10/31: Google Ads may continue buying on mediation waterfalls making a single call to Google Ads demand.

4. Bidding and Waterfall Combined: Publishers employing both bidding and waterfall mediation across their inventory need not take any additional action.

5. Supported Platforms for Real-Time Bidding: This transition encompasses all publishers serving Google Ads campaigns in app inventory, excluding instream video. Platforms supporting real-time bidding for Google Ads are recommended to ensure continued campaign service.

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