Google SEO Starter Guide To Be Cut In Half

SEO update for publishers
SEO update for publishers

As the premier purveyor of searches, Google’s starter guide has long served as the cardinal compass for navigating the complex currents of optimization. Yet like the ever-changing digital landscape, what was once comprehensive may now spill over with redundant navigational aids. This seminal SEO reference, first charted in 2010 and revised in 2017, presently boasts an exhaustive word count over 8,500 – a bounty of insights, but perhaps too much for newcomers to absorb.

Thus amidst the chatter documented in yesterday’s podcast, Lizzi and crew plan to streamline this digital bible, cutting the cruft to provide a more consolidated guide for modern web pilgrims. The revised edition floats at just over 3,000 words – less than half its original length – sacrificing quantity for quality along the journey. While some question whether this abridgement may also abbreviate the guide’s sterling search visibility, Google claims word tally alone does not buoy rankings.

Still through his comments, Gary Illies implies slimming down keyword-rich content may inadvertently relinquish some top positions. Yet quality content requires not verbosity, but relevance – and an updated reference better aligned with Google’s current best practices may attract visitors through merit rather than sheer density alone.

The release date remains uncharted, but SEOs should anticipate spotting this renewed guide soon. Though more concise, it promises to simplify rather than dampen the essence distilled over the past decade. For a new generation of digital explorers, this revised guide may yet reveal Google’s finest wisdom – if only one has the patience to let discovery unfold across fewer words.

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