Is floor pricing still a relevant strategy today?

floor pricing
floor pricing

Nail the pricing game for max revenue! Just like in retail, where the sweet spot means minimal dead stock and maximum sales, the right balance is key. Perfecting your pricing strategy is the secret sauce for effective inventory management.

Is floor pricing relevant today?

Floor pricing is crucial, but don’t view it as a magical revenue booster. Analyzing data won’t always spike your earnings. Overdependence on floors and auction metrics can lead you into a challenging situation. While these controls are valuable, they aren’t the sole keys to revenue success. In a world where ad buyers are savvy, vanilla controls won’t cut it. Think outside the box to stay ahead—buyers have top-notch tools, and survival demands more than just relying on floor pricing.

How much should the focus be on floor pricing?

Set floor pricing as a fundamental part of your strategy, ensuring alignment with your overall sales approach. For instance, if direct reservations are at $5, consider setting floors at $3. This strategic pricing accounts for the costs associated with direct sales, allowing the same buyer to opt for programmatic buying without losses. Avoid frequent floor changes to maintain a stable supply chain, adjusting only with shifts in strategy or market dynamics. Prioritize the use of floors over targeting eCPM, as the latter can negatively impact long-term revenue. Adapt your pricing approach based on your unique publisher needs.

As a publisher, what can be done to secure your pricing?

Ensure your pricing strategy aligns with market trends and seasonality, focusing on three key factors:

  1. Deep Market Insights: Stay connected with industry players to gain insights into new spends, market dynamics, and future trends. Informed connections enable strategic decision-making, including floor pricing.
  2. Audience Knowledge & Performance: Shift from brand-centric approaches to performance-oriented strategies. Understand your audience segments, engage with trading desks for priority access, and price differentially based on performance. Embrace talks with SSP SPO or PMP to cater to specific audience needs, ensuring optimal pricing aligned with performance.
  3. Beyond Vanilla Metrics: Move away from generic metrics like ‘Match Rate’, ‘Coverage’, and ‘eCPM.’ Instead, delve into bid-level metrics and create custom indicators tailored to your business. Leverage Google Adx bid data to comprehend auction dynamics and identify opportunities, avoiding over-reliance on vanilla metrics for a more nuanced pricing approach.

What’s next?

Feeling discouraged about floor pricing? Don’t be. Beyond adjusting floors, explore diverse revenue avenues. The resurgence of contextual advertising opens new doors—think beyond display and video to embrace CTV, Retail Media, and more. Get creative, think outside the box, and success will follow!

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